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There are many pitfalls in commercial printing which can catch the inexperienced user unawares; your supplied material must conform to these guidelines. We're here to help: if you need advice or more information just call


The separation is CMYK only; bleed must be bang on 3mm beyond the finished page size. Please ensure that no type comes within 3mm of any edge (though we realise this is impractical with the spines of CD inlay tray cards and J-cards). Minimum text size is 6 point, particularly if it has serifs, is in italic, or is reversed out; fine lines or small text should be produced in black to avoid potential registration errors. Graphics must be in CMYK, not RGB, and the resolution should be at least twice the screen density: ie 300dpi for 150lpi screen (preferably 600dpi.) 

It is your responsibility to check the content of the artwork, including any corrections made by us. "Content" here includes: copy, catalogue numbers and titles, bleed, trim, fold and registration marks, colour, barcodes etc. 


Overprint, overdraw, overfill, choke, trapping, spread or key all roughly mean the same thing: an overlap between plates of different colours. Files that are provided with a butt fit between colours run the risk of a very slight white line appearing (say between coloured text on a different coloured background) due to film or paper stretching. In most cases you only need to include about 50 microns (a hairline) of choke. 100% black objects should always overprint underlying colours, and white or pale colours must never be set to overprint. 


Use under colour removal (UCR), grey colour removal (GCR) or polychromatic removal (PCR) in Photoshop to avoid problems associated with over-inking: if a black has been created out of 4 process colours, the combination of tints should not exceed 300%. Similarly, when supplying files which have areas of solid black, you may want to underpin the black with a 50% tint of cyan as a shiner to create a rich black. Never set anything white to overprint - it will disappear when printed!


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