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GBP 70.00 per hour
Minimum charge 30 mins for 35.00
Our acoustically-balanced mastering room is where artistry and technology merge to create the final polish on your material. Mastering can be as simple as topping and tailing each track in an album, or a totally creative process like remixing and editing: we have over 30 years of experience behind us, coupled with the latest and best technology. Whether you want the crisp sound of digital, or prefer the warmth of analogue, you can be sure we'll give your job the closest possible attention to detail.
HARD DISK SYSTEM  Sound Designer, ProTools, Roxio Jam
  Finalizer Plus multiband dynamics processor
  DINR hum and hiss elimination
  Waves C 1 frequency-conscious compressor, expander, de-esser
  Waves L 1 Ultramaximizer: the ultimate peak limiter
  Waves Q 10 the smoothest EQ around
  Dynaudio M1.5 high specification mid-field monitors
  PQ-encoding direct onto red book premaster CD-Rs
  Editing and copy masters
(See other pages for copying room and cassette room prices, and tape costs)


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