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ProTools 2 / Sound Designer II with MasterList CD mastering software Hard disk editor: 60Mb RAM, 13Gb storage, DINR with Waves L-1 Ultramaximizer, Q-10 EQ
  C-1 compressor/de-esser, S-1 stereo imager. Over 12 hours 16 bit stereo recording time.
2 Yamaha CDE100/400 CD writers: for PQ-encoded red book premaster CD-Rs
1 Micromega CDR101 CD recorder: for orange book CD-Rs
2 Sony APR-5002 Analogue tape machines: ¼" and ½" 2track, Dolby A and dbx
2 Sony DTC-1000 DAT recorders:  with computer recording analysis & verification
2 Sony PCM-2700 DAT recorders: 44.1 / 48 / 32 kHz, A-time, 4 heads
3 Fostex D-10 DAT recorders: time-coded frame-accurate editing machines
2 Sony PCM-F1 Digital recorders: PAL/SECAM
1 Marantz PMD-340 Compact disc player with digital output and varispeed
3 Technics SL-PS770QA Compact disc players: with digital output for clones to CD-R or DAT
1 Technics SLQX-200 Disc player: with varispeed
1 Philips DCC 600 DCC recorder: hmm . . .
Sony MDS-JE500 MiniDisc recorder: a good alternative to a cheap DAT
100 Aiwa AD-F810 Cassette recorders: 3 head, Dolby B/C, HX-PRO with off-tape monitoring from all machines
2 R-Quest 7550 CDR Duplicators: with Rimage PrismPlus thermal printers
TC Finalizer Plus The best digital mastering tool in the business
Sound Designer II / Waves plug-ins EQ, dynamics, stereo imaging, hum & hiss reduction, varispeed/varipitch, all in the digital domain at 24 bits.
Audio Design ProBox 10 24-bit sample rate convertors
Rupert Neve/Amek Medici Parametric EQ
Klark-Teknik DN-500 Compressor/expander/limiter
Drawmer DF-320 Dynamic noise filter
Alesis Microverb II  Digital reverb


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